Caught on camera: A dumpster, a ladder, a deputy and another bear rescue in Lake Tahoe

Bear rescuing now appears to be a routine part of Lake Tahoe patrol duties. And stepladders may soon become standard issue for deputies.

For the second time in a week, video shows a Placer County Sheriff’s deputy rescuing a bear trapped in a Lake Tahoe dumpster.

On Wednesday, a bear found himself trapped in a dumpster at Northstar California Resort. Deputy Don Nevins helped him out.

“Deputy Nevins brought his trusty step-ladder from the office again, but the ladder was not for the bear this time,” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook, along with the video. “We were able to get ‘Bubs’ out of the dumpster. He was shooed off and left, but not before giving Nevins the hairy eyeball.”

“Those are some big paws,” Nevins says in the video as he stands on the dumpster.

In the other incident, on August 27, 2019, a bear cub trapped in a dumpster wailed inconsolably as its mother and sibling rooted around. That cub was rescued by Placer County deputies. A video shows the free cub trying again and again to rescue its sibling from the motel dumpster, climbing the sides and trying to open the lid.

That incident took place in Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe.

A deputy used a pole to prop open the lid, the video shows, while a second deputy placed a ladder inside the dumpster for the cub to escape.