California Highway Patrol is tired of your crap — literally — on the side of the road

The California Highway Patrol thinks it’s pretty, uh, crappy that drivers are leaving human waste on the side of the road.

The agency’s Donner Pass department posted several photos to Facebook on Tuesday, pleading with commercial drivers to use restrooms to relieve themselves — and to not do it roadside.

“This poop has to stop,” the post said. “Commercial drivers are continuing to make non emergency stops on the freeway to relieve themselves. This bio hazard cleanup is costing tax payers a lot of money.”

The images include what appears to be a jug and Gatorade bottle filled with pee along with several piles of poop.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” the post said. “Please act like professionals and use appropriate bathroom facilities.”

Commercial drivers sing a different tune, explaining that roadside pit stops happen out of necessity, not laziness.

“It doesn’t matter which freeway you’re driving, you’ll find rest areas closed,” trucker Jose Cervantes told KTXL. “What are you going to do? I mean, you have to do what you’ve got to do.”

The roadways aren’t the only parts of the state subject to fecal shenanigans. The Russian River in Northern California has had consistent problems with drunken poopers who won’t make the trek to nearby restrooms, McClatchy news group reported. Officials say a large homeless population in the area is also a lesser contributor to the amount of waste on the banks.

The city of San Francisco launched a “poop patrol” last year to combat human waste on the streets, McClatchy reported. The public poop problem sparked more than 14,500 complaints between January and August of last year.

Poop issues have even extended nationally with Chicago suffering the months-long reign of a poop-smearing vandal this summer, McClatchy reported. It hasn’t been reported whether the poop was animal or human, but a suspect was arrested in October.

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