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‘Not the same as heroin’: Bernie Sanders, others slam Sessions’ planned pot crackdown

The decision by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end the policy allowing legalized marijuana to flourish at the state level comes just three days after recreational pot use became legal in California, and it has already made an impact nationwide.

In a matter of hours, Thursday morning’s news has negatively affected marijuana company stocks, several sources have reported.

Political backlash came quickly as well. Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted that Sessions’ move will “reverse the progress that has been made.”

It’s not just Democrats who are opposed. Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, where recreational marijuana has been legal since 2012, wrote that the Department of Justice “has trampled on the will of the voters in CO and other states.”

Here’s a sampling of what others – politicians, weed advocates and even doctors – had to say about Sessions’ plan to crack down on marijuana.

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