Camp Fire: Death toll reaches 88, with 203 still missing

The death toll in the Camp Fire rose to 88 Monday, although no additional human remains were found, said Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea. The current list of missing persons sits at 203.

In some cases, investigators have not immediately been able to determine if remains belong to one or more people. That difficulty led to the death toll being erroneously reported by authorities earlier this week. The toll rose by three Monday because three cases of found remains, believed to be one individual each, were instead discovered by investigators to be two individuals, Honea said.

The names of 16 more victims have been released:

  • Joyce Acheson, 78, of Paradise

  • Carol Arrington, 88, of Paradise
  • David Bradburd, 70, of Paradise
  • Larry Brown, 72, of Paradise
  • Joanne Caddy, 75, of Magalia
  • Elizabeth Gaal, 80, of Paradise
  • Richard Jay Garrett, 58, of Concow
  • Evva Holt, 85, of Paradise
  • Sara Magnuson, 75, of Paradise
  • Joanne Malarkey, 90, of Paradise
  • John Malarkey, 89, of Paradise
  • Deborah Morningstar, 66, of Paradise
  • Vernice Regan, 95, of Paradise
  • Russel Stewart, 63, of Paradise
  • Victoria Taft, 67, of Paradise
  • David Young, 69, of Concow

The fire, which destroyed more than 13,000 homes, reached full containment Sunday morning.

Many residents of areas affected by the fire are still waiting to return to their properties. Public safety and utilities officials said at the press briefing that they are working as quickly as they can to return the area to safety and allow residents to return.

Upcoming storms have brought concerns about dangerous debris flow. Flash flood warnings and advisories will be issued by the National Weather Service if the danger is present, officials said. But the public should stay vigilant and watch forecasts and news releases, said officials, because warnings sometimes give just a few minutes’ warning.

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