Which Sacramento ​communities are home to the most undocumented immigrants?

November 22, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump pledged during his campaign to deport the estimated 11 million​ undocumented immigrants​ living in the United States. More recently, he has said his administration would work to immediately deport undocumented immigrants with criminal​ records -- he estimated the number at 2 to 3 million people -- and that he would make a determination about other immigrants in the country illegally once the nation's border "is secure."

​If Trump were to move forward with a mass deportation effort, it would have profound effects on the four-county Sacramento region, ​home to an estimated 78,000 unauthorized immigrants. Some parts of the region would be affected more than others.

​Last year, the Public Policy Institute of California released an updated report showing estimates of undocumented immigrants at the ZIP code and county level throughout the state. The authors based their numbers on Internal Revenue Service records, U.S. Census data and a report by the Center for Migration Studies.

​According to PPIC, the ​largest number of ​undocumented immigrants in the region live in ​s​outh Sacramento​ city and county​, particularly in the 95823 ZIP code that includes the Parkway and Valley Hi neighborhoods​. Other communities with ​relatively ​high numbers of ​unauthorized ​immigrants include Del Paso Heights, Rancho Cordova, and Woodland.

Several ​areas of rural Yolo County ​have small populations, but a ​relatively ​high proportion of unauthorized immigrants​ -- more than 10 percent, the PPIC data show. On the other hand, less than 1.5 percent of residents in Orangevale, Granite Bay and El Dorado Hills are ​in the country illegally.

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California as a whole is home to an estimated 2.7 million unauthorized immigrants. Two-thirds of them live in seven counties​, according to the PPIC study​: Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Clara, San Diego, Alameda, Riverside and San Bernardino.

​Monterey County has the highest proportion of ​undocumented residents, at an estimated 13 percent. That's followed by San Benito, Napa, Santa Clara and Santa Barbara counties, where ​undocumented immigrants make up at least 9 percent of the population.

The ​counties with the ​lowest proportion​ of undocumented residents are ​all in rural Northern California. They include ​Shasta, Humboldt, Nevada, Sierra, Alpine, Amador and about 10 other rural counties that, with a few exceptions, voted ​overwhelmingly for Trump. About 1 percent of residents in those ​16 ​counties are ​here illegally, PPIC estimates show.

Data source: Public Policy Institute of California - Laura Hill and Joseph Hayes

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