See Sacramento high schools with the best AP test scores

By Phillip Reese -

Students in the four-county region scored well enough on 17,845 Advanced Placement tests to earn college credit last school year, up 60 percent from five years prior, according to new data from the California Department of Education.

Advanced Placement classes are designed to be equivalent to college-level instruction. Most colleges allow students who score well on an end-of-course AP exam to earn college credit and skip that class when they arrive on campus.

Many schools across the region and state have recently increased their Advanced Placement classes - and far more students are taking advantage.

But there are huge gaps in Advanced Placement offerings and credit-eligible AP scores between high schools in the region. Schools with a high number of economically disadvantaged students tend to also have fewer pupils taking and scoring well on AP exams.

AP exams are scored from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). A score of 3 is generally good enough to earn college credit. This map shows the number of scores 3 and above per 100 11th- and 12th grade students at each school in the region during 2013-14.

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Source: California Department of Education | Notes: Bright students often take more than one AP exam each year. Map excludes schools with fewer than 200 11th- and 12th graders last year. | The above map does not reflect International Baccalaureate test score results, which can also be used for college credit. The following are "IB World Schools" authorized to offer IB programs: Mira Loma; Burbank; Laguna Creek; Granite Bay; Inderkum and Cordova. | Fixed at 9:18 AM on 5/11 to correct color for Granite Bay High.