See location, details of fatal wrong-way Sacramento crashes from last 10 years

By Phillip Reese -

At least 41 people died in fatal crashes involving drivers going the wrong way on Sacramento roads during the last decade, according to a Bee review of federal accident data and news reports.

A few patterns emerge: Most of the 25 accidents identified by The Bee happened on freeways. | Alcohol was often involved | Most of the accidents took place at night. | A disproportionate number of accidents involved young adults or senior citizens.

Four times this year, wrong-way drivers on Sacramento-area freeways have plowed head-on into other vehicles – each time at night –taking 14 lives. The latest accident occurred Tuesday and killed three people.

This map shows every fatal, wrong-way Sacramento crash from last 10 years logged by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration or in news reports.

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Source: National Highway Transportation Safety Administration | Bee news reports