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One year, 8,000 stray pets: See where in Sacramento they were found, and what happened to them

By Phillip Reese -

A dog available for adoption at a local animal shelter in April.
A dog available for adoption at a local animal shelter in April. Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation

Sacramento city animal control officials picked up roughly 8,000 stray cats and dogs last year, according to the latest city data. This map shows where they found them. Click on a dot to see how many strays were found at each location and whether they were ultimately adopted or euthanised.

Strays found in Sacramento during 2014 

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Stray animals were most likely to be found in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas like Oak Park and Old North Sacramento. Relatively few strays were found in wealthier areas like East Sacramento and the Pocket.

About 3,700 of the strays found last year were adopted; about 800 were returned to their owners; roughly 700 cats were spayed or neutered and returned to the street. And roughly 2,200 pets were euthanised.

Dogs were slightly more likely to land in the shelter than cats - and dogs were significantly more likely to be euthanised.

Want to do something about this? To reduce the number of stray animals, have your pet spayed or neutered. To adopt a stray, visit your local animal shelter.

Source: City of Sacramento

Notes: This map is based on city animal shelter data. In about 7 percent of cases, addresses shown by the city could not be mapped due to incompleteness or error. Many addresses are approximate, showing the block where the animal was found. Map does not include animals that were dropped off by or directly confiscated from their owners.