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In one Sacramento community, gunshots reported 1,200 times in 1.5 years

By Phillip Reese

An officer cordons off a shooting scene in Sacramento.
An officer cordons off a shooting scene in Sacramento. Sacramento Bee file

Violent crime - murders, robberies, rapes and aggravated assaults -- in the city of Sacramento has risen more than 25 percent so far this year compared to 2014.

North Sacramento, roughly the area shown in the map below, has been a hotspot for violent crime.

Police responded to over 1,200 reports of gunshots in North Sacramento between January 2014 and May 2015, according to a Bee review of dispatch records. That's about one report of shots fired, on average, every eight hours.

Reports of gunshots between January and May in North Sacramento increased about 35 percent compared to the same months in 2014. No police district saw more reports of gunshots between January and May than North Sacramento. Sometimes police take multiple calls for a single incident.

The problem became so acute that Sacramento police installed microphones in June designed to detect the sounds of gunfire in parts of North Sacramento.

This graphic illustrates reports of shots fired in the 17 months before those microphones were installed. Each dot shows a time when police were dispatched to check a report of shots fired in North Sacramento, starting in January 2014.

Reports of shots fired in North Sacramento, Jan. 2014-May 2015:

Sources: Sacramento Police Department Dispatch Data | Map images and geocoding via Google Maps

A few more facts about shots fired in North Sacramento:

-More than 90 percent of gunshots were reported between 6 P.M. and 6 A.M.

-Most reports came between 6 PM Friday and midnight Sunday.

-The vast majority of shots fired calls did not result in police taking a formal report.

Note: Updated text on 9/2/15 to provide more context about what constitutes "North Sacramento"; to provide more detailed statistics about violent crime in North Sacramento; and to add that sometimes police result in multiple calls.