SMUD customers lose power in Sacramento due to winds

Sacramento Fire Department and SMUD responded to several calls about power outages and downed lines on Sunday as wind gusts up to 39 miles per hour swept through the area.

SMUD spokesperson Robert Tokunaga said the agency had six outages throughout the day caused by fallen branches, which is more than usual due to the wind. The National Weather Service recorded wind speeds in the high 20s with gusts in the high 30s throughout the afternoon.

Sacramento Fire Department spokesperson Roberto Padilla said the worst outage the department helped SMUD repair occurred after a branch fell on wires on 40th Street between C and 36th streets in East Sacramento Sunday afternoon.

Tokunaga said 948 customers lost power for 54 minutes as a result of the branch.

The fire department originally responded at about 2 p.m. to a call about a transformer fire in the area, but there was no fire at the scene. Instead, firefighters assisted SMUD with removing the branches and restoring power to their customers, Padilla said.


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