Trump protesters decry racism, briefly block Business 80 in Sacramento

About 800 people marched through Sacramento on Sunday, becoming part of a national round of protests since Tuesday’s election of Donald Trump as president.

The protest, one of several in Sacramento in recent days, was peaceful. Sunday’s protesters carried signs with slogans, including “No Trump No KKK,” as they marched from McClatchy Park at 33rd Street, walked onto Business 80 near H Street and briefly blocked the freeway, then went on to Sutter’s Fort, where their numbers dwindled by early afternoon.

“People kind of dissipated after (blocking the highway ramp) a little bit,” said protest coordinator Jamier Sale.

He said blocking the highway made a statement: “We’re not going to take it anymore, like, we’re fed up as the city of Sacramento.”

Sacramento State student Keith Jouganatos told a Trump supporter that he appreciates them as people and respects their decision, but he won’t “lay down” and let the racist rhetoric continue.

“I’ve been very angry this past week, and being angry is no way to go through life,” he said.

Sale said the protest would have happened no matter the outcome of Tuesday’s election – it wasn’t just about Trump because his opponent, Hillary Clinton, had policies he objects to as well. The crowd would probably have been smaller if Clinton had won, he said.

The protesters were planning to head back to McClatchy Park after speakers finished at Sutter’s Fort.

Protests have occurred daily across the country since Trump’s victory Tuesday. More than 200 people were arrested Saturday in Los Angeles and Portland, Ore. Thousands of people protested again Sunday in cities nationally, including San Francisco.

Editor’s note (Nov. 14): This post has been corrected to state that the protest blocked Business 80, not Interstate 80, and that demonstrators did more than close an onramp.

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