Scratcher ticket worth $750,000 sold at Sacramento cafe

Pham’s win is in the second puzzle on his ticket.
Pham’s win is in the second puzzle on his ticket.

A $10 scratcher ticket bought at a Sacramento cafe earned $750,000 for Thanh Pham.

When Pham recently arrived at the California Lottery’s Sacramento district office with his Crossword Cash game ticket, he was eager to get it into the hands of lottery authorities. He could then relax.

“I feel very comfortable and happy now,” Pham said.

Pham had little to say about his big win and didn’t want to speak with the media. A lottery press release said that his subdued reaction might also run in the family.

When he told his son about his sudden windfall “he didn’t say anything,” the elder Pham related.

The winning ticket was purchased at Lang Cafe, 6930 65th St.

In both puzzles on a Crossword ticket, buyers scratch each letter that matches “your 20 letters.” Ticket buyers also scratch the multiplier box for each puzzle. Participants uncover each bonus word using “your 20 letters” and win a prize shown in “prize box.” A “75” in the “Fast $75 spot” wins $75 instantly.

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