Chaotic Stockton council meeting as police, citizens face off

Michael Tubbs, Stockton mayor
Michael Tubbs, Stockton mayor video image

A push for justice turned into a stairwell face-off with police in riot gear after protesters were kicked out of the Stockton City Council meeting Tuesday.

The protesters were venting their anger over shootings by law enforcement, according to The Record newspaper of Stockton.

Numerous speakers, including Denise Friday, whose son was shot to death by a Stockton police officer last year, addressed the council.

Pizza was thrown at officers and officers shoved the crowd back until they were outside and off City Hall steps, Fox40 reported.

It was the city's second contentious council meeting in a row. Both gatherings had started peacefully.

"Ain't nobody come up with a solution, you know. My baby's gone,” said James Rivera's mother Dionne Smith in the report from Fox40 news station.

Smith and other mothers of young black men killed by law enforcement officers in and around Stockton were renewing their pleas for available video of the incidents to be released to help answer questions for grieving families, according to media reports.