Placer County Sheriff cleans up transient camp in Auburn

On Friday, Aug. 25, a group of Placer County Sheriff’s deputies teamed up with a probationer and inmate labor crew to clean up a transient camp at the Dewitt Government Center in North Auburn.

They cleaned up trash and bedding left behind by transients who had been loitering around the Dewitt Center, according to a Facebook post by the sheriff’s office. The Dewitt Center houses many Placer County government facilities such as the building department, the environmental department and the office of emergency services, according to Placer County’s website. The sheriff’s office is also located nearby.

The deputies and labor crew even found a man sleeping underneath a building across from the sheriff’s office and jail. Officers can be seen in a video posted on the sheriff’s department’s Facebook page using a hoe to remove the man’s bedding from under the building.

The deputies were a part of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office’s problem-oriented policing team. Problem-oriented policing, or POP, is a strategy that works to identify and analyze specific crime patterns to focus more on the “means” of policing than the “ends,” according to University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Herman Goldstein, who coined the term. The strategy also focuses on the engagement of public and some private organizations in fixing community problems and preventing crime, according to the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing.

Emily Zentner: 916-321-1074, @emilymzentner

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