Why Sacramento could be considered ‘Sin City’ of California

According to a website’s survey, Sacramento is the most sinful city in California.
According to a website’s survey, Sacramento is the most sinful city in California. Bee file

Las Vegas may be known as Sin City, but people behave badly all over the United States.

To show that the popular Nevada destination isn’t alone in sin, a personal finance website studied 182 cities across the country to show how they rank against each other in this area.

WalletHub came up with its “Most Sinful Cities in America” by using seven dimensions to determine a score.

As one might expect, Las Vegas lives up to its nickname. With a score of 59.53, it tops the list by a sizable margin – 6.42 points more than Orlando, which ranked second. For perspective, Miami was third but just 0.52 points behind its fellow Florida city.

Source: WalletHub

What might come as a surprise is the top city in California: That would be Sacramento. The state capital is 31st overall at 45.74, eight spots higher than Los Angeles (44.3).

Why does Sacramento rank so high? “Vanity” (18th overall, boosted by being 11th in beauty salons per capita) and “greed” (26th) are among the reasons. Also, while only 59th overall in the “anger and hatred” ranks, Sacramento is in the high teens in terms of hate groups per 100,000 residents (18th) and sex offenders per 100,000 residents (19th).

Along with vanity, greed, and anger and hatred, the other dimensions weighed were jealousy, laziness, lust, and excesses and vices.

WalletHub is a national site that specializes in credit reports. Its analysts used data from several sources – including the U.S. Census Bureau, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Yelp, Tinder and several others – to compile the rankings.