Any information on case of man killed by gunmen in 1999 at Antelope apartment?

Q: I was wondering if you have any more information about the murder of Andres Martinez. I’m told they never caught the people who killed him.

Olivia, Sacramento

A: Andres Martinez, 24, was killed in July 1999 when two gunmen burst into his Antelope apartment in the early morning hours and shot him at the entry to his bedroom.

The shooting occurred shortly before 3 a.m. at the Deer Park Apartments in the 8300 block of Walerga Road, according to a story in The Sacramento Bee.

Sheriff’s officials said at the time that although they did not know the motive for the shooting, they believed the gunmen, whose faces were covered, specifically targeted Martinez.

No property was taken, and a woman who was with Martinez at the apartment when the attackers kicked open his door was not injured.

A witness told The Bee at the time that he initially heard a noise outside and, thinking someone was breaking into his car, went outside to investigate. He found nothing amiss, but as he was returning to his apartment, he heard what might have been the killers kicking in Martinez’s door.

The witness said he called 911 and waited inside his home, listening for a couple of minutes. He then went outside and reported that he saw two large men rush down the stairs from Martinez’s apartment and quickly disappear around the corner of the building.

A Sacramento County sheriff’s spokesman said Martinez had no criminal record, and neighbors said Martinez lived alone at the apartment.

No arrests have been reported in the case.

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