Winchester rifle is star item at Sacramento auction event

An 1894 Winchester rifle in good condition sold “in the mid-six figures” at the Witherell’s Old West Show last weekend at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley.

The annual event is held by the Sacramento-based Witherell’s auction house.

The prize Winchester rifle featured elaborate carvings of elks, shields and leaves along the length of the barrel and handle.

“This newly discovered rifle showed up at the show and was purchased by a dealer. While we don’t know the actual selling price, a comparable model sold privately a few years back for a million dollars,” said Brian Witherell, chief operations officer of the local auction house.

Witherell estimated that about 100 vendors did nearly $1 million in transactions at the event, with about 1,500 people attending. Other sales highlights included a Carl Kauba-sculpted bronze of an Indian priced at $45,000; a $31,000 Yokuts bottleneck basket; and an early 20th century slot machine going for $17,000.

For more information, see witherells.com.