Video shows elderly Sacramento man harassed for wearing a camouflage T-shirt

An elderly man was harassed in Sacramento for wearing a camouflage T-shirt on Sunday, a video shared on Facebook later that afternoon shows.

The incident played out at 16th Street and Broadway as the man was making his way to a farmers market and was looking for parking, the accompanying Facebook post says.

The video shows a man who claims to be a U.S. Marine pointing and yelling at the elderly man as he sits in a white car. A portion of the incident is recorded by the elderly man’s wife, who has a brief conversation with the yelling man before she gets in the car as well.

“My friends died, my friends died,” the man says in the profanity-laced video. “And you’re going to wear this?”

The video, which lasts just over 40 seconds, had garnered more than 361,000 views as of Wednesday morning. It was posted by someone claiming they published the video on behalf of their parents, who live in Sacramento.

The post also explains that the elderly man is a veteran of the Vietnam War, fighting for Laos on the U.S. side. He speaks little English, according to the post.

“I don't understand how somebody can get this angry over an elderly man wearing camouflage T-shirt who never argued one word back to him,” the post said. “He's OK but when this happened he was paralyzed, confused from fear and shock.”

A Fox 40 story identifies the man who approached the couple as Alex Wolpert. Wolpert is listed as a Sacramento resident on public documents.

He sent the news station a written apology over the incident, though he did not respond to requests from The Sacramento Bee for comment Wednesday morning. A phone number for Wolpert provided by a family member was not in service Wednesday.

"To the gentlemen I accused and assaulted, words cannot describe the amount of sincerity I have for this situation," Wolpert said in the apology sent to Fox 40. "You and your family did not deserve this at all."

The video was only a portion of the interaction between the two men, the post says, claiming that the man grabbed the elderly man by his collar and threatened to kill him before the recording was made. He also accused him of being a "Vietnamese communist."

The wife overhead the incident and rushed to her husband's aid, then later began recording.

Wolpert told the news station he has post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative identity disorder and was checking himself in to a rehabilitation center in light of the incident.

Attempts to reach the person who posted the video were not successful.

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