Sacramento City Council authorizes more lead removal from former Mangan Park gun range

Sacramento city workers will soon start removing lead from the inside of a former city gun range in Mangan Park, but it will likely be more than a year before a community center can open at the facility.

The Sacramento City Council on Tuesday approved spending $60,000 to clean the inside of the James G. Mangan Rifle and Pistol range. It’s the same amount the city spent to clean the exterior of the facility, said James Wiesemann, a landscape architect for the city.

The city plans to finish cleaning the interior of the building, as well as analyze samples to confirm the lead is gone, by the end of January, Wiesemann said.

“We’re ripping out all the HVAC and gutting it to just the outside walls,” Wiesemann said. “We’re removing everything so we get a clean bill of health from the county saying we can move forward with fixing up this building.”

The city plans to seek state grants to fund the community center, which will likely not be open until after 2019, Wiesemann said.

The council also approved Tuesday updates to the park’s master plan to include a walking trail around the perimeter with fitness equipment, a group picnic area with about 10 tables, a shade structure over the playground, and a relocated archery range, Wiesemann said.

The city will seek grant funding for those improvements, as well, Wiesemann said.

This article was updated at 2:01 p.m. on Nov. 29 to correct the spelling of James Wiesemann’s name.

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