Caught on video: Man’s racist rant against teen girl in Elk Grove park goes viral

An Elk Grove teenager’s video on Twitter has gone viral, showing a man harassing her for parking in a community park and questioning her immigration status.

The video, recorded on a cell phone, shows a man leaning outside the girl’s passenger window in Laguna Community Park and threatening her with the police, saying “she barely speaks English” and “you don’t belong here.”

The girl repeatedly asks the man to step away from her car, but he refuses, saying he’s called police and will report her to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“You’re f------ taking a parking spot from a U.S. citizen,” the man says.

The video ends abruptly, without showing the conclusion of the incident.

A spokesman for the Elk Grove Police Department said the man never called police. The girl, however, did call police. But by the time officers arrived, the man and girl had left.

“Since then, we’ve followed up with her and her family,” said Jason Jimenez, a spokesman for the department. “We’ve been in communication with them.”

The two-minute video was posted by Ana Jaira Solis on Sunday, with a caption saying “Twitter do your thing and help find him.”