Don’t be alarmed: Sacramento sending emergency alert test today

Sacramento will be sending messages to city residents to test its emergency alert system Tuesday, according to an email last week from the city.

Residents would have needed to opt in before Tuesday to receive the test alert; but users can sign up for all future alerts.

The test of the alert system, which informs residents of emergencies such as severe weather, gas leaks, and urgent crime activity, will send a recorded voice message to all landlines in the city and a text message to mobile devices and email addresses of residents that have opted into the alert system, the city’s email said.

Next week’s messages are part of the city’s semiannual tests of its alert system, Carlos Eliason, a spokesman for the city, said. The test is helpful for residents to “become familiar with how the system works” and for the city to “troubleshoot issues in the event that there is a real test sent.”

Residents can opt in to the alert system by visiting the Sacramento Alert site and entering contact information and preferred mode of communication.