Family Bible accidentally donated to Goodwill is found, Sacramento minister says

Pamela Anderson stands behind her father, Fred McNally
Pamela Anderson stands behind her father, Fred McNally Pamela Anderson

Sacramento minister Pamela Anderson has back in her possession a treasured family Bible that she accidentally donated to Goodwill months ago.

In the spring as she was clearing out old belongings, Anderson gave away the Bible, not knowing that it was a family heirloom that had been passed down for generations. Two weeks ago, when Anderson was discussing with her sisters what family possessions to keep as their father is now in hospice care, she learned what she had discarded.

“I am praying for a miracle,” she wrote in a Facebook post last Tuesday, asking family members and friends to help her find the Bible.

On Monday, she announced on Facebook that the Bible has been found: “It was on the radar Thursday as a possibility and confirmed Saturday and we have it in our possession.”

Anderson said that the person who found the Bible wants to remain anonymous, and so will not share details about how the person got hold of the Bible and how they found out that it belongs to Anderson’s family.

Before the Bible was found, Anderson frantically drove to Goodwill stores all over the city looking for it. Her scramble was driven largely by the fact that the Bible was gifted to her by her father 28 years ago when she was ordained as a minister, and he is now entering his third week in hospice care, she said.

“I love that I can now drive past a Goodwill store, or past a Goodwill Express or a Goodwill truck and no longer be pained thinking, ‘Is the Bible in there?’” Anderson wrote in her Facebook post on Monday.

One of her sisters is making a cedar box for the Bible, “so that it will not get lost again,” she wrote.

“Thank you everyone for making a tender time like this for our family a little bit sweeter.”

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