See massive brawl break out near Stockton high school

A video captured a large fight in Stockton on Thursday afternoon near Stagg High School.

The Stockton Unified School District told CBS 13 that the fight happened off-campus around 12:30 p.m.

Both students and non-students were involved in the brawl, district spokesperson Shelly Spessard told the Sacramento news station.

A nearby store owner said a fight started between several girls who are seen in the video punching and grabbing each other.

“Two of the young girls were fighting then it turned out to be three or four girls. And then they crossed the street and went into the other alley and tumbled over a couple of cars, fighting, hitting the ground,” Theresa Saunders, the owner of the gift shop and party store, told Fox40.

“All these different fights just started up. It’s like, what happened at school? Was it the day to get revenge with each other? Because it’s too many people fighting and it wasn’t just one race, it was all races. They all were fighting each other,” Saunders told the news station.