Watch a Sacramento County garbage truck’s spiraling struggle to pick up a trash can

It should’ve been simple: Grab the can, dump it, then on to the next.

But for one Sacramento County garbage truck, it just was not happening.

The Virginia Department of Transportation’s Northern Virginia area posted on Twitter a video Wednesday depicting what can only be described as a losing battle between a garbage truck and a garbage can.

The video, which appears to have been taken by a residential security camera, shows the county trash truck coming in fast on the approach and knocking a curbside trash can down.

For 20 agonizing seconds, the mechanical arm and claw of the truck fumbles and struggles to grasp the bin firmly, repeatedly dropping it and pushing it around.

Eventually the claw manages to toss the contents of the can into the truck – along with the can, too. The truck drives off without missing a beat.

The caption? “It’s Wednesday. Just do your best.”

The video appears to have originally been uploaded in October 2018. The tweet has more than 400,000 views as of Wednesday afternoon.

“As an avid Twitter user, I’m pretty jealous of that tweet,” said Sacramento County spokesman Ken Casparis.

Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks covers Sacramento County and the cities and suburbs beyond the capital. She’s previously worked at The New York Times and NPR, and is a former Bee intern. She graduated from UC Berkeley, where she was the managing editor of The Daily Californian.
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