Sacramento Zoo welcomes little lemurs

Black and white ruffed lemur
Black and white ruffed lemur Sacramento Zoo

Two black and white ruffled lemurs and one mongoose lemur were born at the Sacramento Zoo in recent days, the zoo announced Friday.

Both species are native to Madagascar and considered critically endangered. The zoo takes part in a program called the Species Survival Plan, designed to ensure the survival of endangered species within accredited zoos. Animal Collection Director Matt McKim said that the zoo is proud of its “continued commitment” to the endangered lemurs.

Visitors can see the mongoose lemur family in its usual exhibit. The black and white ruffled lemur babies and their mother are not on exhibit, although they can be glimpsed through a mesh door. Their father and older siblings are on exhibit in their usual location.

This is the mongoose lemur pair’s third offspring and the black and white ruffled lemur pair’s fifth litter.

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