Rocklin enforces code limiting real estate, other signs on city streets

Rocklin is confiscating real estate signs on public streets that it says represent a tripping hazard to pedestrians.

The city last week began enforcing a several-years-old code allowing one free-standing sign on the public sidewalk. The ordinance applies to commercial signs and prohibits signs from being placed in locations that present a danger to people or on public property.

Around 50 advertising signs that include yard sale, garage sale and real estate notices have been stored.

Leslie Woodman, special projects manager for the city, said removal of offending signs is meant to be educational. The city’s main concern is safety, she said.

“We noticed a lot of those signs were placed in the right of way,” which Woodman said is a hazard to pedestrians.

The Placer County Association of Realtors, which was informed in May that the city would begin to enforce the ordinance, scheduled a meeting Thursday to consider ways to better communicate with the city.

Tami Condie, a real estate agent with Intero Real Estate Services, said the city confiscated some of her open house signs this week. The arrow-shaped signs – placed on street corners near the property – marked the way to the event.

“We understand that people want their community to look nice,” Condie said. “We’re just asking for, say, one directional arrow on each street corner.”

Condie, who said she wasn’t informed once the signs were taken, was able to retrieve her signs without paying a fine. She said she has heard of real estate agents who had to pay a $10 fine per sign they wanted to retrieve.

Woodman said no fines or citations have been issued for real estate sign removal. The signs are held in the city’s service courtyard, where real estate agents can retrieve them at no cost, she said.

“I don’t know what situation (the real estate agents) were in,” Woodman said. “But there is no charge to pick up (signs).”