$120 million for flood projects in Sacramento region

About $120 million in new federal spending is headed for the greater Sacramento region over the next 18 months for water and flood-control projects.

The funding, announced Tuesday, is part of a “work plan” budget allocation for the the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to continue projects through the current fiscal year, which runs through September.

The projects include $66.4 million to continue construction of a new flood-control spillway at Folsom Reservoir; $3.1 million to pay for designs to raise Folsom Dam for flood control; $25.5 million for the final stages of American River levee improvements; $8.6 million to build a setback levee in Hamilton City along the Sacramento River; and $1.8 million for Marysville levee improvements.

The Corps will also receive $1 million to continue designing levee improvements in Sacramento’s Natomas Basin. Those levee improvements are only partially finished, and the Corps still needs congressional approval to complete the work. Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento, said the money to continue planning means the project can become eligible for federal construction funds at least one year sooner, once the project is approved.

Another $10.8 million will go to build a flood wall along Florin Creek in Sacramento, the final phase in a project to improve flood protection.

The allocations also include $150,000 for restoration studies involving Englebright and Daguerre Point dams on the Yuba River. The dams are known to impede salmon migration, and the studies will investigate potential solutions.

Some of these projects are expected to share $112 million in continued funding as part of the Obama administration’s budget for the 2015 fiscal year, also released Tuesday.