Do’h! I left my laptop at Sacramento International Airport

The Transportation Security Administration has a few tips for recovering items lost at Sacramento International Airport passenger checkpoints -- or preventing them from going astray in the first place.

The rush of getting through airport checkpoints invariably means travelers leave behind laptops, cell phones, jewelry -- and less expensive items such as beach mats and umbrellas.

The men and women of the Transportation Security Administration routinely store items away for only 30 days. Items valued at more than $500 are stored for two years.

Lost and found tips from the TSA:

-- Tape a business card to a laptop or cell phone so that TSA can contact you.

-- Most jewelry doesn’t need to be removed by passengers.

-- If passengers place smaller items such as cell phones or car keys in a purse or coat pocket as they pass through security, fewer items will be lost.

-- TSA lost and found in Sacramento can be reached at (916) 830-0227.

-- If an item is lost at the airport in a location other than at a TSA security checkpoint, call the airport lost and found at (916) 874-0701.

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