Applause for the week of July 27

Kudos to: Andrew Yao

Accomplishment: Raised about $2,000 to buy 10,861 pounds of food for the needy

Details: The 8-year-old raised the money to donate to his Seventh-day Adventist Church food bank in Carmichael. The money was raised through his father’s co-workers, a Facebook appeal and as the result of a display he set up in the church detailing the food drive’s goal.

Kudos to: SAFE Credit Union

Accomplishment: Donated $5,000 and helped raise $39,000 for children and adults with amputations

Details: SAFE, along with local businesses, raised funds in addition to planning and coordinating the Wounded Warriors amputee softball game against a local team at Raley Field. The Wounded Warriors team, active-duty soldiers and veterans who have received injuries that resulted in amputation, plays games to encourage people with amputations to live life to the fullest.

Kudos to: Great Clips hair salons

Accomplishment: Granted $500 to Leataata Floyd Elementary drama program

Details: Recently, the students performed “Sleeping Beauty,” Leataata Floyd Elementary’s first play in decades. The school plans to institute an after-school drama club when classes resume in the fall. The principal’s goal is to put on one play a year. Many of the students come from poor families and live in rough neighborhoods.

Bill Lindelof