Video of 16-year-old boy’s confrontation with Stockton police goes viral

Image taken from the video of the confrontation.
Image taken from the video of the confrontation.

A video taken earlier this week in Stockton of nine police officers arresting a 16-year-old has gone viral after some are calling it an excessive use of force.

Emilio Mayfield, 16, was on his way to school when he says he had a confrontation with a Stockton Police officer. Police say Mayfield was standing in a bus lane, where he was not supposed to be. The teen says he was trying to catch the bus to school when he was stopped by the officer.

The Stockton Record reports that the video was filmed by a bystander on Tuesday.

In the video, the officer is leaning over the boy and using his baton to push down on his legs. Later, the officer appears to strike the boy with the baton after the teen puts his hands on the weapon.

CBS San Francisco and Fox40 television stations have the viral video and more on the incident in these videos.