Weekend catch-up: 7 stories you don’t want to miss

This missile that cut through the night sky Saturday elicited plenty of social media comment.
This missile that cut through the night sky Saturday elicited plenty of social media comment. Associated Press

Here are seven stories from the weekend that you will want to catch up on before the work week hits.

1. Weird object seen streaking over California sets social media buzzing

It turned out to be an unarmed missile launched from a U.S. Navy submarine, but before that was known, the nighttime spectacle brought to life social media with much conjecture and other chatter.

2. Olympic figure skater Debi Thomas broke lives in bug-infested trailer

The tale of Debi Thomas’ journey from Olympic star and physician to a person barely scraping by after a series of setbacks is sad indeed, connecting with many readers.

3. What's next for Michelle Rhee, once the national face of education activism?

Michelle Rhee, the combative former D.C. public schools chancellor who founded the national advocacy group StudentsFirst, has retreated recently from public view.

4. A talker: Rancher’s wife: ‘I saw them murder my husband’

5. Popular on Twitter: Future of high school football a national concern

High school football remains a popular activity, but the drop in participation over the last few years has caused concern – as have he deaths and serious injuries to athletes participating. Questions abound.

6. Popular on Facebook: Another storm rolls in with rain for Sacramento, snow for the Sierra

Decent storms rolling through the Sacramento region and Northern California’s mountains are making residents think thoughts of abundant water and fluffy mounds of powder just right for boarding and skiing. Is the storm door opening?

7. Popular on video: Sacto Street Style celebrates local skateboarding history

Local skateboarders pay homage to "Sacto Street Style," a classic skateboarding competition held in the 1980s with "Sacto Street Style 3" held in Oak Park November 7, 2015. Sub-Versions skate shop closed off a block on 33rd Street and filled it wi