A.M. Sacramento: Here’s what you need to know for Monday

Good morning. Here’s what you need to know today.

Foggy start: Look out on the roads this morning, fog is thick in the Sacramento region. The National Weather Service advises motorists to be alert for sudden changes in visibility during the morning commute. Slow down if thick fog is encountered. A dense fog advisory is in effect until 11 a.m. Otherwise, warm temperatures and partly sunny skies are expected for most of the day in Sacramento.

No ticket needed: Galleries, theaters and concert venues are losing their attraction for some people, even though that which traditionally is seen and performed at those sites remains popular. The difference? Some fans of creative arts are turning instead to their electronic devices rather than orchestra or balcony seats. The National Endowment for the Arts will discuss the phenomenon in Sacramento on Monday.

Legislating lethal force: After a year in which the use of lethal force by police officers spurred nationwide protests and bared outrage about the intersection of race and law enforcement in America, California legislators have returned to Sacramento determined to pass laws blunting police violence.

Unbreakable habits?: Many in the community have rallied behind Janice Moore, provide money critical to getting her off the street and into safer, warmer surroundings. But the offered assistance has not prompted Moore to step out of habits that keep her in trouble or on the verge of it. She continues in the same routine.

Fork in the road: Leaders in three Sierra Nevada counties are at odds with Caltrans, which is proposing changes to a stretch of Highway 16 that those leaders contend will choke a vital link between rural communities and the Sacramento metro area.

Local sports: The Sacramento Kings have a day off after playing the Cleveland Cavaliers and before facing the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday during the longest home stand of the Kings’ season.