Safety tips for driving in fog season

Fog can be an issue this time of year in Sacramento, as any driver can tell you. If you must drive in it, here are tips to help keep you safe.

▪  Watch your speed. Fog creates the illusion that you're going slower than you really are.

▪  Turn off the stereo and roll a window down a little to listen for trouble. If you hear voices or slamming doors, that's reason for caution.

▪  Use low-beam headlights, not high beams. If you can't see the road ahead, concentrate on lane lines. If you have fog lights, use those, too -- they help light up lane markers.

▪  Avoid changing lanes.

▪  Slow down. But if possible don't stop, because you could be rear-ended.

▪  If you must stop, the best option is to leave the highway using a designated exit. If you must pull onto the shoulder, get as far off the roadway as possible.

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