Event hopes to slip and slide into Sacramento region

Slide The City hopes to bring a 1,000 foot waterslide to the Sacramento region June 13.
Slide The City hopes to bring a 1,000 foot waterslide to the Sacramento region June 13. Slide the City

An upstart company wants to bring a massive inflatable waterslide to the Sacramento area this summer.

Officials at the Salt Lake City-based company say Sacramento is showing strong interest in a “Slide The City” event set for June 13. The only hitch is that JSC Events is still looking for a site.

It seems Sacramento proper doesn’t have a suitable slope.

“We need a hill,” said Emily Clifford-Sanchez, event coordinator. She said the company is looking at sites in Folsom and El Dorado Hills.

Slide the City advertises 1,000 feet of “slick vinyl to brighten your city streets.” An energetic company video shows a dance party atmosphere comparable to the increasingly popular traveling party runs. Tickets range from a single slide early-bird price of $15 to a late registration all-day pass for $60.

Sacramento resident Aisha McCullough, 41, quickly created a Facebook invite and shared her excitement with her friends.

“I loved my Slip N Slide as a little girl. Growing up in New Hampshire, I didn’t get as long a summer so we slid as much as the short summer allowed,” McCullough said. “I am so there, and I want my friends and people to take the day and act like we’re all 10 again.”

The operation collects the chlorinated water at the end of the slide and pumps it back to the top. The total water usage is between 15,000 and 20,000 gallons, Clifford-Sanchez said. That’s roughly the amount of water that would be used in a day by 50 households, assuming the 400-gallon-per-day national average.

The company held two events in 2014 – one in Salt Lake City and one in Boise. Its 2015 calendar list more than three dozen locations.

“You start at a ground zero and work your way out until you have a place. Not everywhere is San Francisco,” Clifford-Sanchez said.

Clifford-Sanchez said the team, which cut its teeth running “Color Me Rad” runs, is excited to bring this idea to the Sacramento region.

“We are really hoping things work out in Sacramento because we’d love to get there,” she said.

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