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What happened to man convicted of 1980s murders in Calaveras County?

Q: What ever happened to Charles Ng? He was one of the men who had a torture cabin in Calaveras County.

Don, Sacramento

A: Charles Ng was sentenced to death in June 1999 for 11 Calaveras County murders.

Now 55 years old, he remains on death row at San Quentin State Prison.

Ng, a native of Hong Kong and a former U.S. Marine, was convicted after 14 years of court delays. He had fled to Canada, where he was jailed on a theft charge, but he avoided being returned to the United States for years because of Canada’s reluctance to extradite prisoners to face the death penalty.

Ng and Leonard Lake killed six men, three women and two baby boys. They also held two of the women as prisoners at Lake’s cabin in Wilseyville.

Ng appeared with Lake on a homemade videotape, taunting the women and threatening to kill them. The women were killed, and prosecutors claimed that their bodies and the bodies of all but two of the victims in the case were burned.

Lake committed suicide shortly after his 1985 arrest, leaving Ng to stand trial for the slayings.

Ng, who was tried in Orange County, always denied that he helped Lake commit the 11 murders for which he was found guilty. But he admitted to helping bury two of the bodies and to holding two of the women as prisoners.

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