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Decapitated animals found in Sacramento’s Reichmuth Park

A beheaded lamb or baby goat was found in a paper bag in Reichmuth Park on Tuesday, prompting an investigation into a series of dead animals found in the park in the last two months, according to Gina Knepp of Sacramento Animal Care Services.

The animal is the fourth in a string of dead creatures found in the South Land Park recreation area and the third confirmed as beheaded. The first, found Jan. 8, was described in reports as a decapitated goat in a cardboard box. The second was a paper bag filled with headless chickens found Jan. 28. On Feb. 1, a dead tortoise was found in the park, but the report doesn’t mention decapitation, Knepp said.

The apparent trend went unnoticed by Sacramento Animal Care Services until the most recent discovery on Tuesday because the remains were reported to different agencies, like the Recycling and Solid Waste Division, which cleans up animal remains.

Animal officials began to link the events when a woman walking in the park Tuesday found another dead animal, which Knepp said looks like a lamb from the pictures she’s seen. The woman thought the dispatcher implied that many dead animals had been found, so she called the story in to Channel 40. When the news station called Knepp, she began an investigation and discovered the other incidents.

She has since brought the issue to the attention of dispatchers across the city so Animal Care Services will be alerted if it happens again.

“It’s disturbing, to say the least,” Knepp said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact animal control by dialing “311” inside city limits or (916) 264-5011 outside city limits.

Call The Bee’s Ellen Garrison at (916) 321-1006.

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