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Read the complete transcript of the Shasta County sheriff’s Sherri Papini press conference

Statement by Tom Bosenko:

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit continues to dedicate all of its resources to identifying and apprehending those individuals who are responsible for the abduction of Sherri Papini. Over the last two days, major crime detectives have interviewed Sherri at an undisclosed location. The interviews were very intense for both the investigators and for Sherri, due to her having to relive this traumatic event. She was cooperative and courageous during the interviews.

On Thursday, Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Day at about 4:30 in the morning, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office received (word) that Sherri was located. We learned that she had been released by her captors near a rural road in Yolo County, and near Interstate 5. She was bound with restraints but was able to summon help from a passing motorist on I-5 near County Road 17.

During the interviews with Sherri, she described the sequence of events to the best of her recollection. Remember that she was held against her will and was isolated. There’s still a lot of unknowns about her assailants. However, we commend Sherri for her efforts to sit down with our detectives to provide a statement. I would like to remind the media that we will not disclose everything about the case or what Sherri provided us for the integrity of the investigation, as it is active and ongoing.

Sherri described her assailants as two Hispanic female adults. She related that both of the subjects spoke in Spanish the majority of the time of her captivity. Further, the suspects concealed their faces in an attempt to hide their identities from her. She provided the following information regarding the suspects: Suspect No. 1 was the younger of the two suspects. She had long, curly hair. She had a thick accent. She had pierced ears. She had thin eyebrows. Suspect No. 2 was the older of the two suspects. She had straight black hair with some graying color. She had thick eyebrows. Sherri did her best that she could in providing the descriptions, but she was not able to provide a detailed description due to the suspect’s covering their faces, and at times Sherri’s head was covered.

Detectives showed Sherri surveillance video which was recovered on Nov. 2 of several SUV style vehicles that had been seen in the area at the time of her abduction. According to Sherri, none of the vehicles shown to her in the video were a match.

Sherri did receive injuries over this three-week period in which she was abducted and held captive. I will confirm that the suspects did brand her. I will not get into details of where the brand is located on her body nor what was branded on her, for again, the integrity of the investigation. The Major Crimes Unit continues to dedicate all available resources toward this investigation. Evidence item recovered at the Yolo County scene will be submitted to the California Department of Justice for physical examination and processing. Detectives have written additional search warrants for cell phone information and are receiving data as it becomes available.

I’m very thankful for the many tips and the community support for both the Papini family and to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office.

I’d like to thank the following agencies for their continued assistance throughout this investigation: The Shasta County Probation Department, the Shasta County District Attorney’s office, The Redding Police Department, The California Highway Patrol, Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, The California Department of Justice, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, AMR ambulance and the Shasta County Search and Rescue team.

Until we identify the suspects, the public should remain cautious. As always, we continue to ask for the public's help. Our call to action is for anyone with information related to Sherri’s abduction, her subsequent release or the identity of the suspects to call their local law enforcement authority. The Shasta County Sheriff's Office has a tip line. That number is active 24 hours a day and that number is 530-245-6135. Callers can also call tips into Shasta County Secret Witness and that number is 530-243-2319.

We’re thankful that Sherri has been reunited with her family and ask that you keep the Papini family in your thoughts and prayers throughout this holiday season. I also want to thank Keith Papini, her husband, for his cooperation and information in this case throughout the investigation. Again, this an active investigation and there is sensitive information that is not being disclosed for the integrity of the investigation. The sheriff’s office will continue to update the media when information is developed. As of today, there’s not going to be further one-on-one interviews, press conferences or news releases unless new information or developments in the case take place. At this time, this concludes my prepared statement, I’m available for a few questions.

Bosenko answers press questions

Were there only ever these two captors, these two women? Were there never male captors at all?

All the information that we have at this time are the two Hispanic females. They were armed with a handgun, and that’s all we have at this time. Of course, if other information develops we’ll let you know.

Can you tell us a little about this evidence item that was recovered in Yolo County?

Well, there are a number of items that were retrieved as evidence in Yolo County. Again, I’m not going to get into the specific details of all the evidence. We have received all the evidence back from Yolo County and we’ll be turning it over to the Department of Justice for processing.

Why was she taken?

We still do not have a motive as to the reason why Mrs. Papini was taken. We do not know if she was a specific target or if this was a random abduction.

Did Sherri talk about if she was on the move or where she was taken, or if it was one spot or moved around?

We’re not providing the information on the specifics of where she may have been taken after the abduction at this time, but valid question.

Do you have enough information to do a sketch?

We’re discussing that with a sketch artist. Again, as you heard from the description that I provided – very minimal and the subjects had their faces covered to hide their identities. But we’re going to discuss that with a sketch artist to see if there’s enough to get at least the eye area of the suspects out.

We’ve heard reports of a reported blog of hers written before she was married to her husband, Keith. Have you guys been getting any tips on that – if it was actually written from her and such as skinheads and such like that? Have they investigated an IP address from her?

We are familiar with that blog that you’re referring to. It was written – at least posted – in 2003, roughly 13 years ago. She would have been about 20 or 21. We do not know that it has any relevance to this case or not.

When Keith released his information about his wife and how she was found, he talked about her injuries as well as being underweight. Has she given any explanation about what happened when she was held captive? Did they feed her at all? Did they give her any sort of attention or was it just a constant beating?

We’re not providing details of that information there.

When Keith released his statement did it hurt your investigation at all?

I did not know he was going to release this until a short time before I did a media interview, and yes, I do think that some of the details that he has provided it could affect the integrity of the investigation.

Is there any indication that this is cartel related or possibly sex trafficking?

A very good question. We don’t have specific information if it was related to any cartel info or to human trafficking.

Have you heard of any other case anywhere with a similar MO?

We have been in touch with other agencies with this investigation and we’re looking into those aspects of it.

Have you looked into people in Sherri’s past that may have had an issue with her. Is there a connection?

Yes, our investigators have looked into her past, and that is part of the ongoing investigation. I have time for one more question.

Can you tell us if they stayed in this area where they were and where they went during those two weeks?

I don’t have specific information to as location or locations where she may have been taken other than she was located near County Road 17 in Yolo County along I-5 which is approximately 150 miles from Redding here. I’d like to thank you all very much for your attention and for attending today and that concludes this press conference.

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