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Snatch and grab goes wrong for jewelry thief

A man was arrested after a snatch and grab at a downtown Sacramento pawn shop was thwarted Wednesday by shopkeepers who chased the would-be thief and held him for police.

Shopkeepers at California Loan & Jewelry, 916 J St., were helping customers at 1 p.m. when the man asked to see a gold chain. He sprinted out the door and down J Street with the storekeepers in hot pursuit.

Shop gemologist Warren Anapolsky cousin Adam Anapolsky left stunned customers and clerks behind. No one was hurt.

I said, ‘You put that chain down.‘You get down on the ground,’ and he crouches down like a wrestler.

Warren Anapolsky

“My cousin was walking into the store and the guy ran right past him,” Warren Anapolsky said. The chase zigzagged south onto 9th Street down an alley and onto 8th Street before the Anapolskys caught up with the man.

“I was out of gas on 8th and K. I saw the guy and he was out of gas,” Anapolsky said shortly after the man’s arrest. “I said, ‘You put that chain down.’ Adam said, ‘You get down on the ground,’ and he crouches down like a wrestler,” Warren Anapolsky said, mimicking a wrestler’s pose in the middle of the sales floor.

Sacramento officers on horseback quickly found the three on K Street at 8th and had little left to do but make the arrest.

“Once we got on scene, the two shopkeepers had (the man) in custody,” said Sacramento Police Sgt. Michael Harbison.

The unidentified man was arrested on suspicion of theft and could face other charges, Harbison said.

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