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Police visit checklist: Install license plates, leave boyfriend (if he’s carrying drugs) at home

When days just don’t work out as planned.
When days just don’t work out as planned.

Lincoln police posted some advice on the department’s Facebook page on Thursday. It’s probably applicable to a relatively small segment of folks needing police services, but it’s valuable input. For some folks, it might be the difference between a good and a very bad day.

Here’s the post:

A tip from your friends at the Lincoln Police Department. If you come to our office to retrieve items we took from you during your arrest, 1) consider coming in a vehicle that has license plates so as not to draw our attention, and 2), don't bring your boyfriend who has needles and methamphetamine in his pockets. #cantmakethisup City of Lincoln, Local Government

A Lincoln police officer goes through the contents of a car driven to the department by a woman hoping to retrieve items that had been confiscated when she was arrested earlier. The woman's boyfriend sits on the curb, facing sanctions for allegedly possessing drugs and needles as he accompanied the woman on their ill-fated errand, on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017. / Lincoln Police Department