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$5,000 engagement ring swiped during hand washing in Rocklin

Stolen $5,000 engagement ring
Stolen $5,000 engagement ring Rocklin police

Someone made a clean getaway with a woman’s $5,000 engagement ring when it was left for a short time on a restroom sink counter in Rocklin.

The case of grand theft occurred about 7:40 a.m. Tuesday in the restroom of a business in the 6600 block of Lonetree Boulevard. A woman had taken off her engagement ring while washing her hands and placed the white gold, three-diamond ring on the counter.

She then turned to grab paper towels to dry her hands, taking her eyes off the ring. In an instant, someone took her ring and left the restroom, according to a Rocklin police press release.

Police said the woman could not provide a description of two women who had been next to her in the restroom.

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