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Police respond to fight, find man who attacked clerk with a ‘dull machete’

When Sacramento police officers responded to a call about a fight in the 8000 block of Folsom Boulevard Saturday morning, one of the combatants they found appears to have had a particularly violent weekend.

Police suspect he is the same man who was caught shoplifting from a 7-Eleven around 7:30 p.m. Friday evening, said police spokesman Detective Eddie MacCaulay. When the 7-Eleven’s clerk confronted the man outside the store in the 1100 block of 43rd Avenue, he grabbed a “dull machete” and a golf club from his vehicle and attacked the clerk.

The clerk had his own golf club and managed to get a few hits in, according to police. The fight moved into the store before the suspect returned to his vehicle. The clerk smashed the driver’s side window of the vehicle with his golf club and the suspect fled before police arrived.

The clerk received minor injuries from the attack. When police responded to the fight on Folsom Boulevard at 9:49 a.m. Saturday, they found the man and arrested him, MacCaulay said.

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