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Peeping Tom arrest after video recording on woman’s Marysville porch

Alejandro Jose Oliver-Munoz
Alejandro Jose Oliver-Munoz Marysville Police Department

A man has been arrested for allegedly masturbating on a woman’s porch in Marysville while the homeowner questioned him why he was at her home, the sordid scene captured on security video.

Marysville police said that on Monday the 50-year-old woman was sitting on her living room couch when a man appeared on her porch. Her front door was open but the screen door was closed.

She asked the man what he was doing as he stood on the other side of the screen door and she remained in her house. The man asked her for a cigarette but she told him to leave her porch.

The encounter, which lasted just over a minute, was recorded on the woman’s home security camera. Once she viewed the recording, it was evident that the man was committing a sexual act while speaking with her.

A Marysville officer who viewed the recording believed the man on the porch was Alejandro Jose Oliver-Munoz, a man they said was arrested twice in 2012 for Peeping Tom-related offenses, according to police press release.

Officers arrested Oliver-Munoz on Tuesday when they saw him standing outside a Marysville diner. He was booked on suspicion of indecent exposure, trespassing and peeping.

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