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What happened to driver accused of running down security guard in bar parking lot?

Q: I don’t remember the year or all the specifics, but I think there was a bouncer from a bar that was intentionally hit by a driver at a high rate of speed in the parking lot, then I think the driver ran over the victim again. What happened to the driver and the victim?

Anonymous, Sacramento

A: Michael Bruce Weisz was convicted of felony hit-and-run in the Sept. 23, 2009, death of security guard Leroy Berry Fisher III in a parking lot behind the Badlands bar on K Street in Sacramento.

Weisz was sentenced in April 2011 to four years in state prison.

The jury acquitted Weisz of second-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter charges. A juror, in an interview with The Sacramento Bee following the verdict, said she and other members of the jury believed the death was “a tragic accident.”

Fisher and another security guard escorted Weisz and a friend out of the Badlands about 1 a.m. for upsetting patrons with crude sexual come-ons and for what Weisz described in his own testimony as his friend’s “obnoxious” behavior, according to a story in The Bee.

Weisz picked up a cup of water and threw it at Fisher, according to testimony during the trial. The guards chased Weisz and his friend, but the two men outran them. When they returned to get Weisz’s car, Fisher confronted them in the bar’s parking lot. Weisz testified that Fisher came up behind him and jolted him with a stun pen. When Weisz’s friend pushed Fisher away, Fisher shocked him, too.

Fisher and the friend struggled until Weisz was able to get the friend to his car and drive off, only to learn later that he had run over and killed Fisher, according to testimony.

Weisz and his friend drove to San Francisco, where they turned themselves in to police the next day, after learning from relatives that authorities were looking for them.

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