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Detectives release new video of Sherri Papini on the morning she reappeared

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday released surveillance video from a Yolo County church showing Sherri Papini the morning she reappeared after going missing for 22 days last year.

Papini, 35, disappeared after reportedly going for a jog near her home outside Redding on Nov. 2 last year.

Early on Thanksgiving morning, Papini suddenly resurfaced on a darkened roadside along Interstate 5 in Yolo County. She told detectives she had been held captive by two Hispanic women, but said she could provide few details about her abductors because they kept their faces covered and spoke in Spanish.

No arrests have been made.

The video released Tuesday is from a surveillance camera at a Jehovah’s Witness church located at 13980 County Road 99W in the town of Yolo outside Woodland.

Detectives say the video shows Papini walking in the area of the Highway 99W and the Interstate 5 northbound interchange. In the grainy footage, Papini can be seen running to the church north on Highway 99W and then south on Highway 99W until she goes out of view, heading toward the I-5 northbound on ramp, near where she was found by the motorist who notified law enforcement.

The video was taken at 4:15 a.m., just a few minutes before the motorist who found her called 911, according to the sheriff’s office.

The case of the missing young mother – dubbed a “supermom” in some press accounts – attracted media attention around the country and the world. Papini is on the Nov. 13 cover of People magazine that’s on newstands now.

The People story is mostly a rehash of details previously reported by The Sacramento Bee, though it includes an interview with an independent law enforcement expert who weighed in on the case. The Papini family didn’t grant the magazine interviews.

People’s story includes an interview with a family friend, as well as the former Redding mayor Missy McArthur, who said she met with Sherri Papini and her husband, Keith, shortly after she returned home.

“She was really afraid of people and strangers,” McArthur told the celebrity magazine. “She wanted to be right next to Keith. I think their relationship is real, and hopefully it can withstand this kind of trauma. They are a team and were at that time. ... She was beat to a pulp. You don’t do that kind of a thing to yourself. I absolutely believe she was kidnapped.”

Keith Papini has been cleared as a suspect in the case.

Last month, the sheriff’s office released new details in the case, including the recording from a 911 call Keith Papini made the day she disappeared, and FBI sketches based on the description Papini provided of the two women.

The sheriff’s office revealed that Papini had exchanged text messages with a Michigan man whom she had planned to meet. Detectives also disclosed that Papini had male and female DNA on her clothes when she was found, and that she claimed to have fought back against one of the women.

Detectives said there was no particular reason for the timing of the new information, other than investigators hoped it would generate new leads near the year anniversary of her ordeal.

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