Crime - Sacto 911

Video shows him stealing a necklace from a Sacramento jewelry store. Then he left his ID.

A man suspected of stealing a $4,000 gold necklace from a Sacramento jewelry store left a copy of his driver’s license, gave a fingerprint sample and signed a Department of Justice form before the theft, Land Park Gold and Silver owner Judy Montgomery said.

Security footage shows that on Nov. 16, a man reached over the counter, opened a drawer and quickly removed the necklace while his accomplice agreed to sell a watch and cross pendant to Montgomery at her Freeport Boulevard store.

“The next morning, I went to put out the jewelry and noticed it was off the stand,” Montgomery said. “I knew exactly what had happened.”

After agreeing to buy the watch and pendant, Montgomery asked to scan the seller and suspected thief’s ID card and thumbprint. He obliged, took the cash for the transaction and signed a Department of Justice form acknowledging Montgomery’s purchase, she said.

Montgomery declined to give the name on the ID. He can be seen wearing a black sweats and long white shorts in the video, while the other man has on a “KISS” band T-shirt under a black jacket.

The man seen taking the necklace had been in Land Park Gold and Silver several times before, Montgomery said, always with a different friend. Neither him nor anyone else had stolen from the store in the past.

Two weeks after the theft, no arrests have been made. Sacramento Police Department spokesman Eddie Macaulay said a lag in getting necessary details has caused the investigation to remain open.

“Some of the information that trickled in slowly wasn’t originally reported to us,” Macaulay said. “Our investigators had to follow up to get some of that.”

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