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Sheriff’s Department sting operation targets holiday-season porch thieves

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is baiting package thefts, even as the holiday season winds down.

At least two people were arrested this month on theft-related charges, after deputies caught them taking decoy packages from homes in North Sacramento.

Jason Dobre, 32, of Sacramento, was arrested Wednesday as part of the sting operation. Charles Demar, 22, of North Highlands, was arrested Dec. 11.

The arrests came as part of a larger, year-round department crackdown on porch pirates, said Sgt. Shaun Hampton, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman.

“There’s always an uptick during the holidays because people are having more things shipped to their homes,” Hampton said.

But, he said, thefts are on the rise.

“It’s something that’s always been a problem, but now that people are continually ordering things and having them shipped to their house, it does present more opportunities for those folks who want to steal or criminals looking for a quick buck.”

Hampton did not provide details on total arrests this year. Theft of goods valued at $950 or more can be charged as a felony, Hampton said.