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He helped a senior citizen after a car wreck. Then he stole her wallet, police say

When a 70-year-old woman crashed into the median on Davis’ Mace Boulevard overpass above Interstate 80 on Dec. 18, Christopher Scheurman was ready to take action – just maybe not in the way the victim wanted, police say.

Scheurman and his female passenger immediately ran up to the woman, checked to see that she was uninjured and called a tow truck to take her car away. While pretending to help the victim, Scheurman nabbed her wallet, said Lt. Paul Doroshov of the Davis Police Department.

When the woman glanced at her credit card bill later, there were charges from a nearby Target for dates after the crash. A police investigation indicated Scheurman had bought items from the store using her card, Doroshov said. There was nothing else of value in the wallet.

Police served a search warrant at Scheurman’s Tremont Green apartment a few blocks from the crash on Jan. 15, arresting him on suspicion of burglary, identity theft, elder abuse and petty theft. He remained in Yolo County jail custody in lieu of $100,000 bail as of Tuesday afternoon.

The female passenger in Scheurman’s car was not arrested, though Doroshov said the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office was working to determine her level of culpability in the alleged crime.

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