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Sacramento man wielded guns and knives during bank robbery spree

A Sacramento man has been sentenced to 87 months in federal prison for four armed bank robberies in Northern California, including one in Folsom.

Clayton Quiz Smith, 45, was sentenced Friday in Oakland by U.S. District Judge Jon S. Tigar, according to a U.S. Attorney’s Office news release. The judge also sentenced Smith to five years of supervised release and ordered him to pay $28,104 in restitution.

Smith pleaded guilty in October to four counts of armed bank robbery.

His robbery spree began Feb. 6, 2017, when he robbed a bank in San Ramon. Smith admitted he entered the bank wearing a jacket, hooded sweater, beanie and gloves, and carrying a black laptop bag. He placed the bag in the counter in front of bank tellers and removed from his pocket what appeared to be a small silver pistol, according to the news release. He demanded the $100 and $20 bills in the teller’s drawer and escaped with $7,434, the news release said.

Smith robbed the same bank again on March 21. He encountered the same victim, whom he had forced to accompany him out of the bank in the Feb. 6 robbery. This time, Smith pointed what appeared to be a revolver at the victim and demanded the bills from her drawer. He escaped with $3,500.

Smith admitted to committing two additional armed robberies, one on April 4 at a bank in Concord, and the other, on April 20, at a bank in Folsom.

In the Concord robbery, he brandished a 6-inch, silver-colored blade and repeatedly yelled, “Hands up!”, the news release said. He told two tellers to give him the money in their drawers and ordered them not to pull any alarms until he left. He escaped with $5,275.

In the April 20 Folsom bank robbery, Smith wielded what appeared to be a steak knife, the news release said. He approached the four tellers on duty and pointed the weapon at the first victim. He instructed the victim not to call police and not to set off any alarms. The victim was told to set the money on the counter. Smith stole a total of $11,895 from the drawers of the four tellers, according to the news release.

Smith has been in custody since May 4.

The case resulted from an investigation by the FBI and the Sam Ramon, Concord and Folsom police departments.

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