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Sacramento sheriff to limit inmate shower time, patrol car washes in response to drought

Bumpersticker on patrol car
Bumpersticker on patrol car Sacramento Sheriff’s Department

Pardon their dust if Sacramento County Sheriff’s patrol vehicles look dirty. It is all because the drought means fewer car washes.

Downtown and Branch Center car washes, which service both patrol cars and other county vehicles, will operate one day a week instead of three. Similar reductions will occur at patrol stations.

To inform the public that fewer washes will mean less shiny, clean patrol cars, the department will attach bumper stickers on the vehicles with a message from Sheriff Scott Jones:

“Please forgive our dirt! We are cutting back on washing our cars as part of our effort to conserve water. Please do your part!”

In addition to fewer baths for squad cars, the sheriff’s department announced a series of measures to cut back on water use within the department and at county jails:

▪ Signs posted in jails to raise awareness of the statewide drought. The signs ask inmates to cut water use by limiting shower time, running water only when needed and flushing toilets “when necessary.”

▪ Flow-reducing equipment for cells and showers are being obtained to cut water use by 20 percent.

▪ The department has asked for a water audit of the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Facility to see where conservation equipment and other measures might save water.

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