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Police use video surveillance cameras to spot crime in Rancho Cordova

As part of an effort to improve public safety, Rancho Cordova police announced that video surveillance cameras have been installed in two areas of the city.

Selected for the installations are the West La Loma/Bravado/La Loma area of the Cordova Meadows neighborhood and the Folsom/Olson/Zinfandel business district.

The cameras are marked with a blue light, signifying that it is a public safety surveillance camera. Police said this tool allows officers on the street or at the police station to have access to live camera views for monitoring criminal or suspicious activity, according to a Police Department news release. Some areas are equipped with license plate reading capabilities to help officers find people who are wanted by law enforcement.

Officers are trained before they are granted access to the system, officials said, and they have the ability to view only areas open to the public.

The cameras are funded by Measure H, a half-cent local sales tax measure approved in November 2014 by Rancho Cordova voters, after residents identified public safety enhancements as a priority, officials said. The are part of new “Crime Stops Here” campaign.

Police urge residents to report any suspicious activity by calling 911 for emergencies, or (916) 362-5115 for non-emergencies.

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